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This game is made for the UE4 2018 Megajam. The theme is "Reality is often inaccurate"

Richard Emmanual Antonio Leonard Isaiah Thomas Yared the Third (R.E.A.L.I.T.Y III for short) is the best pilot the Hamstar Forces have to offer. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. Regardless, it's your job to pilot him to victory! Save the world from the Super Evil Hamster Corporation by destroying key targets that will be given to you during your mission briefing. 

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HamstersAreOftenInaccurate_Updated.zip 224 MB
HamstersAreOftenInaccurate_JamEntry.zip 263 MB

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I tried playing the game. It looks really fun but since I have only a laptop without a GPU, it's really HAMpering my experience right now. Any chance there could be options to turn down the graphics or is it not really possible?


A very well made game.  


Thank you for the kind words!



Thanks, that was the intent!